Sunday, October 23, 2011

Extreme Makeover:Shed Edition-Day 3

We usually adhere to keeping the Sabbath for rest, but my dad had to go home this afternoon and we still had this problem on the shed.

So after church and lunch, we got back to work. Dad constructed a new barn style door from scratch.

Lookie there! A new door!

Matt finished the first side of the building so 2 sides down, 2 to go!


Leveta said...

Looks great! Does the door go up like a garage door so that you can drive the mower in there? Your dad is a talented man.

Richelle said...

What would we do without our parents?? My dad has helped all weekend and today on our sewer line. I hope someday we can repay all they do for us.

Building looks great, by the way!! That's 100% improvement!

annieglan said...

I got an award for being a favorite small blog. I am passing the award on to you. :)