Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Beautiful October Day

Blue skies, leaves changing, 66 degrees. A great day to go hiking at Red River Gorge! Mom had to work, so Dad and the kiddos headed east to get some exercise and see some nature.

Picnic with sandwiches from Subway - our kids' new favorite restaurant.

AJ found a leaf that was bigger than his head!

The girls were not impressed with the facilities.

The Rock Bridge Trail - our trail for the day.

AJ & Essie

The girls relax on a patch of moss.
Chloe: You mean like Ms. Moss? (their teacher)

Standing under Rock Bridge


Waving at Dad from on top of the bridge

A closer look

Checking out a little waterfall

On top of the waterfall

Playing in the sand along the creek

A brief rest on the way back up the hill


Leveta said...

Beautiful kids and beautiful scenery. Nothing better than getting kids outside.

Kjernalds in Sweden said...

I so miss the Gorge! I laughed out loud when you wrote that Subway was the kids fav. restaurant. We have that here in Sweden and Samuel wants it everyday (don't worry he might get it once a month if he's is slightly more expensive here).

Praying for you all and hoping that your hearts are healing.