Monday, October 3, 2011

Dressed for Success

So many good things are going on at our house, but I've just been too busy to sit and write about it. I had to post the picture below because AJ wore jeans for the 1st time in the 13 months he has lived with us. AJ has Sensory Defensiveness Disorder and we have been working with a wonderful Occupational Therapist for the past month or so to help him overcome this hurtle. Clothes have been a big irritant for him and we have following a brushing protocol, which has worked wonders for him. On Sunday evening, he came downstairs and announces he was ready for church. We just about fell over when we saw he had jeans on. I asked him how they felt and he said, "not good." but he wore them the rest of the evening so this is a big step.

I also had to post this picture below because with the dipping temps, the girls found an excuse to were their "new" boots (love consignment sales!) to church. Props to Matt for coordinating the outfits. AJ picked out his own clothes so we had to snap a picture of all 3.


Scott and Jennifer Schaetzle said...

Yay, proud of you!!! And who wouldn't want to wear those boots - they're slammin'!

Cynthia said...

Just precious! Love the Kinnell's!