Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Word from Ethiopia

A woman whose daughter works at the transition home emailed us today:

Emily said to tell you that the girls wear size 3T. The 4T would be way to big. Their shoes sizes are 8 and 8 1/2. Let me tell you that I had the priviledge to meet the girls back in September and I was so happy to see them again and see how well they have adjusted. Those two little girls love to smile and giggle. Happy, happy girls. At the transition house they go by the names of "JuJu" and "Juie". Not sure how that all came about but that is how I know them. JuJu has a longer tuft of hair in the front and that is how they are told apart. They are both potty trained but have accidents at night-time so bring some pull-ups. Juie cries herself to sleep and JuJu comforts her. It is so precious to see them care for each other. They are both really quick to copy any word that is spoken. Also, they have extremely dry skin. Bring some really deep therapy lotion or even straight vaseline. Especially on the legs. Right now they
each have a pair of sandles that had a squeek toy in them so you hear them coming. It is so cute. Emily told me that the two baths that they gave them the water was so brown. She is guessing that they may not have ever had a bath before. While I was there I had the priviledge of giving them their first warm baths. They just closed their eyes and smiled from ear to ear. You are going to love them! Have a great trip and I will be praying for you.
A couple of interesting things to note: the clothes we are taking are too big, but I guess they'll have to do. The kids wear their clothes baggy these days, right? Also it's interesting to hear that they are being called JuJu and Juie, which is what we heard them being called on the original video we received of them when they were found in their village. It sounded nothing like Ayanye and Ayantu, which are their official names, so we were confused. I guess these are nicknames.

Well, we are off in less than 24 hours!


Gil House said...

this is so exciting!!! be safe and take lots of pictures!!! what a miracle!

Angie said...

Congrats!!!!! Praise God!
Word of advice
Sallys beauty supply store has some awesome stuff comes in a tub It is olive oil and moisterizes beautifully dry dark skin. (I live in the land of no humidity here)

Eager to see pics of the new family!

Kel & Jer said...

We can't wait to meet our neices!!

mhoup said...

"potty trained" ... another prayer answered. Hopefully their 4T's will not be too much larger. Sounds like shopping and beauty treatments are in your future, YEA!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with the four of you. It is a good thing I can't go over my "minutes" for prayers.