Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ethiopia Trip, Part 2: Hanging Out in Addis

On Sunday afternoon we arrived back in Addis Ababa from our trip out to Kamashi, and we went right to the transition house to pick up the girls. Then it was a week of waiting for appointments and visas before we could leave on Thursday:

Arriving at the transition house

Our first family photo! The girls call Amy "mommy" and Matt "ababa", which is "daddy" in Amharic.

Opening presents in our room at the guest house

Listening to music on Daddy's mp3 player

Driving to the US Embassy to apply for the girls' visas

Watching schoolchildren play in the yard next door

Play Dough!

Watching a Disney movie on the laptop

The Amharic word for car is "makeena", and the girls loved scooting their suitcase around the room shouting "Makeena! Makeena!"


Corrie said...

They are so beautiful! I am so glad you're home now.

Thanks for sharing about the older boys... it breaks my heart to hear about them. I want to bring one home right now! (But we are a little busy. )

Kimbell and Mark said...

Oh my - precious. They look so different from that first picture you got of them. Bet things are wild and crazy at your house! Glad you are home.

heather said...

The girls are lovely! What wonderful smiles! So glad to see you all together as a family!!

...we'll definitely have to chat more about your adoption process at some point! ;-)

Pam said...

Amy, They are beautiful! Congratulations Mommy!!! You have waited so long! God's continued blessings on your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. I'm sorry it has taken me this long to find time enough to enjoy them. Let us know what size the girls wear. You can email me at Is there anything that you need? God bless you all.
Love, Aunt Karen