Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ethiopia Trip, Part Three: I Fly Away to My Home

On Thursday evening we began what would be a very difficult part of the trip - the plane ride home. What was already an over 24-hour trip with a 7-hour layover in D.C. was made worse by a 3-hour delay in D.C. But the girls did all right, and we made it home safely.

Checking our bags in Addis Ababa

Essie shows Amy some love on the airplane

Listening to some tunes

Watching the men work on the airplanes in D.C.

Meeting Grandma Melanie in Cincinnati

Grandpa Dan

Grandpa Neild

First ride in a carseat - not very popular

Eating at McDonalds - now we are Americans


Melissa Houp said...

Y'all should contact McD's -- it would make a great commercial.

Excitedly waiting to meet the girls!!!!

Gil House said...

The world certainly has changed! Amazing ...