Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jon & Kate beats Sesame Street

Sesame Street comes on at our house at 10am. Today when I turned the TV on, it was on TLC and Jon & Kate Plus 8 was on. The girls have not stopped watching, even when the commercials are on. They usually lose interest with Sesame Street after 20-30 minutes so guess we have a new show to watch at 10am. The only problem is Mommy likes this show too so she's having a hard time getting things done.
Now for some pictures. The lack of sleep is catching up with us so we will probably not be posting pictures every night like we have been. We are apologizing now as we know many of you expect your daily dose of Essie and Chloe. Life is just too much for us now.
Pretty sure this is not how the manufacturer intended this toy's use, but twins make it work.
Playing with Great Grandma Ruth's tea set. Essie was named after this Grandma (Esther Ruth) whom she never got to meet. I'm sure Grandma Ruth is smiling down from Heaven at her two newest great grandchildren.


The LaMotte's said...

The girls are precious!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for your beautiful little girls....I know your hearts are about to burst! Praying many blessings on your precious family.
Jenny Shrauner