Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Pictures from Our First Days Home

Pushing strollers down the hallway

Warming up to Caesar...a little bit

A couple of clowns

Saying goodbye to Grandma & Grandpa Neild on Sunday

All the toys in the world cannot match the unbeatable cardboard box

Drying off after bathtime

Taking a walk with Grandma & Grandpa

Playing cars with Grandpa

Playing cars

Our first trip to Walmart - shopping carts are fun!


Pam said...

Nothing beats a box or a laundry basket. That is Micah's motto. ;) The girls look great!! Hope things are going as smoothly as they look!!

Kathy said...

When I look at all these pictures, I am reminded of what a difference God can make in the life of a child (or 2!). I love adoption. You have a beautiful family!


Kara said...

I love seeing all of the pictures of your beautiful girls! Please keep them coming!! It looks like they are settling in very well. May God greatly bless your family today!

Anonymous said...

Amy, we are SOOO happy for you both. It has been a long journey to get your girls home. Now the real work, and the real fun can begin!! They look very happy, but I'm sure there are ups and downs. The looks on their faces in Walmart is pretty serious, I'm not sure they are fans yet! :)

Myra DeLuca said...

sorry, for some reason, my comment posted as "anonymous"