Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We are into Week 2 of Essie and Chloe at home. Here are some more pictures. (We know you've been waiting for them.)

Helping Mom clean up the yard - the twins are great helpers!

Tonight our friends Andy and Phoebe from our local adoption group brought us supper and stayed around to play for a while! Great fun! Thanks guys!

Chloe, Andy, & Phoebe

Chloe, Essie, Andy, and Phoebe


Pam said...

I love all the pictures, Amy! I hope you get rested up soon! I know this time is tough for transition...and with two active girls! Whew! I bet you are beat! They are beautiful, and I'm so happy for you guys.

kel said...

looks like Essie is losing her pants in the 2nd pic- i think i'll get her suspenders for her birthday :)

Amy said...

Their pants are always falling down-big bellies but no waists.

Buffina said...

I think you could probably include more people than "grandma" in that title...