Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Tire Swing

So I had the bright idea to put up a tire swing in my parents front yard. They have this great front yard with lots of huge trees (something we do not have in our yard). My sister Kelly was game to help and we talked Matt into helping because we needed his height. Kelly recently purchased this neat little Japanese flatbed "truck" so we used it as our ladder.

How many great minds does it take to put up a tire swing?

Somehow I missed getting an actual picture of the finished product, but we were so successful and since we had left over rope, we decided to put up a board swing too. Below is Matt giving it an initial swing.

Mickey got bored waiting for us to get the swings done so decided to entertain himself in other ways. And yes, he's climbing that tree barefoot.

AJ's turn

This is E, my sister Kelly's foster daughter. Since her adoption is not final yet, I can't show her face, but we are happy to welcome another grandkid into the family.

So I know this picture is blurry, but I love Chloe's facial expression and the manure on her boot. I've learned I can't keep the kids out of the muck at the farm so I just bought them all boots and then we hose them down each night (the boots and the kids).

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