Monday, August 15, 2011

A Night with Steve Green

Yep...we're that old! We went to a Steve Green concert and we dragged our kids along. My siblings and I used to roller skate in the gym of our small, Christian school in NY during summer break, listening to Steve Green songs. The kids weren't so sure in the beginning, but enjoyed it in the end.

One of my former clients is one of the ministers at the church that hosted the concert. I had no idea the man could sing, but boy, could he ever sing.

Matt getting to talk to someone who has had a big influence on his music ministry.
Mickey decided that he liked how Dad and Steve sang, but Steve moved around the stage more so he thought maybe Dad could learn some new moves. (he, he)

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Leveta said...

Your children are beautiful! Glad you all had a good time and the kids enjoyed the concert.The age thing makes me think of the time when I worked at the Missouri Baptist Children's Home (over 25 years ago (o:) and we took a cottage full of boys ages 6-12 years of age to see Keith Green and they loved it!