Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's Back to School time! Everyone in our house was excited to return to school, except for Chloe when I went to get her up this morning. She's never been a morning person. All 4 kids are at WES this year and we had our open house on Monday night. Matt is pictured below trying to wade through the endless paperwork that comes when you have 4 kids in school.

Essie with her Tink*rbell backpack and sporty new hightops

Chloe with R*punzel and matching hightops. (I couldn't resist when I found them on clearance, but due to the endless laces, I don't think these will be my first choice for shoes on school days.)

I got the boys to wear "nice" shirts but still couldn't get them out of the athletic shorts. AJ couldn't decide which new pair of shoes to wear b/c I bought him these and he bought another pair with his own money. I'm sure we'll see the other pair tomorrow.

Mickey with his Tr*pper Keeper (CANNOT believe his school requires these for 5th grade, of course they don't make them with all the cool designs that we had when we were kids)

Off to school we go!
Since the bus goes by our house 1 hour before school starts, I will be dropping off the kids at school this year and we all made it to school ON-TIME, even with the crazy traffic jam and lack of parking.

The girls with their new teacher, Mrs. Moss

Now that the kids are all back to school, I hope to be back on the blogging band wagon. Somehow the end of the summer found us running like crazy and not finding time to blog. We went to my parent's farm last week so I know I have some good pics from there that I need to post.

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allier said...

So wonderful. This nervous and worried Mama has to add that in your last pic I get to see my son sitting in his seat nicely. Ian is blessed to be in class with your girls. I hope can get together sometime. You have a sweet family.