Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First World Problems

We have been trying with mixed results to teach ourselves and our children to be happy with and thankful for what we have and not get torqued up about things that we don't have or situations that don't go our way. There's a thing going around the internet called "First World Problems." (In other words, "crises" that one does not experience in a developing country.) It has become a bit of a joke at our house as we try to teach each other that our problems are not really that big of a deal. (This morning when packing my lunch, I lamented, "I don't have any cold Dr. Pepper!" And Amy replied, "First world problems!") After the jump, see some more examples of "First World Problems":


Marie said...

Wow!!!! That's powerful!!! Thanks for a great reminder!!! I think I'll start using that phrase "First World Problems!"

Adrienne said...

That's great! I'm going to start using this phrase too!

SewJacki said...

Agreed with Marie...WOW and powerful. Seems so silly about what we complain about. Our household will now be using the phrase "first world problems." Thanks for posting.

Lisa said...

I jumped over from Rebecca Maas' blog....LOVED this post and tagged on my facebook!

It's certainly all about perspective isn't it?

Lisa H.