Thursday, March 24, 2011

Momentous Morning

Today was a momentous day in our house. Mickey tried cereal with milk for the first time and he liked it! He started with about 6 pieces of K*x cereal and maybe a tablespoon a milk, but liked it so much, he tried some more. Then he tried some strawberry milk and drank about 1/4 cup of milk (albeit half of that was syrup). AJ decided to be adventurous himself and drank about 1/4 cup of chocolate milk. This is huge for both boys as most Ethiopian do not drink any milk. The boys are always amazed by my fingernail strength and growth, which I always attribute to the amount of milk and milk products I drink/eat. My parents owned a dairy farm until I was about 18 months old and we have always been a milk drinking family. Mickey has decided he wants his fingernails to grow better so, God love him, he's trying the milk approach. I told the boys this morning the calcium helps their bones be strong and their hair be strong too and AJ said, "oh no" in a somewhat panicked voice. We figured out that he was afraid that his hair getting strong would mean it would be even harder to cut. He has the wonderfully, tight curly Gumuz hair that already gets pulled whenever Matt tries to shave it with the clippers. Poor kid, it really does hurt to get a hair cut. My hope is that if he keeps drinking milk, the hair will relax a bit from the added strength. Not sure there is any proof of this, just a mother's hope.

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