Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some Good Reads & Videos Regarding Adoption

As we celebrate having our children home, many of our friends are fearing that their's may never come home. A good article by Tom Davis on the subject.

Ethiopia Adoption Cuts: Rumors & Human Rights

Also, please sign the petition below to show your support for intercountry adoption as one way to combat the dire situation that faces Ethiopia's 5 million orphans. If you aren't sure if intercountry adoption is a good idea, click on the "adoption" tag on our blog and see the way God has used intercountry adoption to transform our 4 children's lives (and our lives too!)

On a lighter note: I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Its my favorite Christian band of all time THIRD DAY getting on board with this whole crazy adoption world.

Oh my did I miss the Mac Powell is an adoptive dad??? Oh wait..I guess it had something to do with adopting 4 kids of my own. This video is outdated as now it appears they have adopted 2 kids, but I couldn't find anything regarding the second adoption. Please let me know if there is a video/article regarding their 2nd adoption journey.

One more video to show you these kids are worth saving!

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