Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup

I had some left over chicken from the whole one I did in the crockpot on Tuesday so thought homemade chicken noodle soup sounded good on this blustery day. Man, was it ever! I had a full crock at 5pm and by 6pm, this is all that was left and Matt was working late tonight!

I even snuck in a cup of pinto beans and extra veggies thanks to the food processor. This is my new best friend as the boys are so incredibly picky. And its not just your typical pickiness. Its caused a real stressline in our bonding process. AJ refuses to eat anything that is a tree (green). Mickey has become much better about at least trying something, but when he's in a mood, all we hear is negative, negative, negative before he even tries it. I've just decided to limit the conflict as much as possible and just put as many veggies through the food processor as possible. And you all thought I missed out on so much by not "having" a baby. See, I'm still making baby food.


Sarah & Matthew Ellis said...

Hi Amy, hope you guys are having a good weekend. Your post made me think of the Deceptively Delicious cookbooks by Jessica Seinfeld - have you heard of them? Her recipes are all about what you're doing, pureeing extra vegetables and adding them to other dishes.

We really enjoy your blog posts and keeping up with your family - thanks for posting all the pictures and updates! :)

Jen Graber said...

Clever girl! What they don't know won't hurt them, in fact those veggies will help a lot. Keep up your creative tactics. What a good Mom you are!