Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bikes, Bikes, and More Bikes

Spring has hit KY, well, until a cold front comes through tomorrow. Today is supposed to be 80 and Thursday is supposed to be 47. Classic Kentucky weather! The kids are thrilled to be able to spend long hours outside, usually on their bikes. Matt & I bought ourselves bikes yesterday since we found them on clearance (thanks to some light damage) and our bikes from high school are broken. The kids have been begging for us to ride with them so now we have no excuses.
I bought a bright, pink "cruiser" bike, which really means "old lady bike". Got the big fat seat and everything. All I need now is a big, flowery basket on the front. But when its $40 off original price, I'm not going to complain. Matt opted for a brown mountain bike, since he likes to go a little more off-roading. The kids were thrilled. Essie took the picture of me below, but sorry, I didn't get one of Matt. Mainly because when I came home from work, he and the girls had been working on a surprise for me (see video below).


Richelle said...

Beautiful bike, Amy! I hope to dig mine out soon. (I have a big fat seat too! But I really miss the banana seats we had as kids:) Anyway, your kids crack me up! Never a dull moment around your place for sure!! Congrats to the girls on riding with no training wheels! :)

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Buffina said...

I love the color-coordinating shirt you're wearing. :)