Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Kiss

The boys just kissed their first women...ME!!! Ethiopian style--on each cheek. I kiss the boys every night before bed and last week they started asking me to kiss them when I wake them up. AJ "likes" (he fusses the whole time) one kiss to the forehead; Mickey takes one on each cheek and one to the forehead. Tonight, Mickey asked if he could kiss me too so of course I said "yes". AJ followed suit and giggled the whole time. Hopefully their form will improve before they start kissing women for real. Which, btw, AJ informed us a few weeks ago that he has his first girlfriend, but when I asked about kissing, he said, "yuck, gross!" Pretty sure I don't need to worry about him and kissing for a while. Mickey informed us he will not have a girlfriend until the 7th grade. Although yesterday, he told Meemaw and Grandpa that "lots of girls like me" and promptly began giggling hysterically. Heaven help us!!!

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Marie said...

Too sweet!!!

Y'all do such a great job keeping your blog updated. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!