Monday, November 8, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

We have had the worse trouble convincing the boys to wear pants. I bought them new gloves last week, so they have been fine to wear them, they say they can't play in pants (you know, for the 30 minutes of recess that they have during 6 hours at school). Meanwhile, the girls are thrilled to wear their winter clothes. We realize this is just something new that the boys have to work through so haven't been pushing the issue too much. Mickey did come home from school last week to say that only he and 1 other boy were not wearing jeans to school so he was going to try, but then he's only worn athletic pants. His teacher did instruct him to wear a heavy coat today so he was fine to do that, but now today is supposed to be 60 and it could be close to 70 by mid-week. I'm afraid all my instruction on wearing more clothes because its cold in KY this time of year may be washed down the drain. Oh well...they have survived worse than this. =)


Sarah Whitworth said...

Wait 'til they go to middle school. Not a boy there wears a coat!? By high school at least some have regained some common sense and put their coats back on! At least with it warmer, you don't have to worry about their choice of attire.

Becky said...

It is funny that the boys don't want to wear pants. I have had a hard time getting mine to wear shorts. When we first got home and it was 95+ outside, all Rachel (Sifen) wanted to wear was pants. Now she does complain that she is wearing jeans everyday. I think she just would like more variety; ie. more skirts or something. Isn't it funny how hard to please these kids can be :-)