Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cooking...Ethiopian Style

On Friday, Mickey's teachers asked me (Amy) to come cook some Ethiopian dishes to share with Mickey's class as they were studying Ethiopia last week . I made tibs (spicy beef) and Doro Wat (chicken). I premade the Doro Wat and kept it warm in the crockpot (really impressed with myself that I incorporated my love of the crockpot into this project). The kids helped make the tibs, as you will see below. I shared a little about the history of Ethiopia and how we became an Ethiopian-American family. Mickey taught the class a song in Amharic and how to count and say 'hello' in Amharic and Oromo and Gumuz. The kids were really interested in all we had to share and Mickey enjoyed sharing. Twenty eight of the 30 kids like the food and several of the teachers enjoyed it too.

Mickey talking about Ethiopia while Aubrey is chopping onions. Mickey's friend Blake is in the yellow shirt. Mickey wanted me to let you all know that was his friend.

One of Mickey's teachers, Mr. Tate, monitors the 'onion chopping' while I help Mickey share more about life in Ethiopia.

Explaining our sons' favorite Ethiopian spice Berbere

Mickey writing "Endemana" which means "Hello" in Amharic
Mickey sharing how to write and say "hello" in all 4 of the languages he knows: English, Amharic, Oromo, and Gumuz.

Sarah Grace helping with the cooking.

I borrowed Ababa's ET soccer jersey for the day. How is it that I have no traditional Ethiopian clothing??? Oh right...I spent all my money on adopting my kids. =)

Joey getting ready to enjoy some good Ethiopian food!
He later told Mickey that he really liked it.

Mickey's Spanish teacher even stopped by for a quick bite. Mickey's other teacher, Ms. Whyte is in the green shirt.

He likes it...He really likes it!


The Ritzmanns said...

What a cool thing to do! Looks like it was quite a bit of fun. I took injera into Parker's daycare one day over the summer and all of the kids loved it...could have been because I substituted Taco Bell meat for the kitfo.

Have a nice Thanksgiving.

MaryKay said...

You couldn't have made it as spicey as an Ethiopian! We have found that most people love our tibs. How cool it is that Mickey can share about his country first hand. Those kids are very fortunate!!!

Hope all is going well!

Leighann said...

I love that Mickey wanted us to know his friend.