Monday, November 8, 2010

Election Day Fun

Since the kids didn't have school last Tuesday due to the election (don't even get me started on how ridiculous this is), we decided to have some family fun. We went bowling in the afternoon and the kids discovered it's much harder in real life than on the Wii. Amsalu and Chloe are top scorers on the Wii bowling, but the real bowling ball is a bit too heavy for our younger ones. They had a great time though and then we killed an hour at the park before heading to the Pizza Hut buffet where kids eat free with a paying adult. We have now solidified that pizza is EVERYONES favorite food in our household so an all you can eat buffet is great for us.


Essie concentrating



The ball was a bit too heavy for her so this is how she ended up before we realized there is this handy ramp that bowling alleys have that kids can just push their ball down. We also tried bowling without the bumper rails, which btw, are a must when you have kids. Mom and Dad are figuring this whole kid thing out too as we go along. We both realized we had never bowled with a bunch of kids before so it took us a few frames to figure it out.

The kids decided it was much more fun to go down the slides all together


Anonymous said...

I think it's really kinda funny that at 36 years old, I still lean with the ball as it's going down the alley! As if my mind can make it turn the other way!! Lol!


MaryKay said...

Amy, you are so good with pictures, videos and blogging!