Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Ababa cuts the base of the tree

Amsalu, Chloe, and Essie loved exploring the Christmas storage box.






Done with all the heavy lifting, Ababa takes a break to watch the Cats lose...again.

Mickey shows off the ornament he made.

Window clings!

Mickey & Amsalu decorate their first Christmas tree.


Amsalu strings lights outside.

Mom & Mickey string lights inside.

Four happy children

The finished tree

On Sunday afternoon, we worked on the house lights. Amy wasn't feeling good, so she went to lay down. Matt said, "If you hear me scream, call 911. If you hear one of the kids scream, call social services, because I've killed one of them."

Ababa works on hanging lights on the house

Mickey assists the ladder work.

Mickey gets the porch peak.

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Peter and Nancy said...

There is nothing like the excitement of a first Christmas! Looks like they're all enjoying the decorating!