Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A really good day

Yesterday, we finally had a very good day with all 4 children. (Which was good since, as some of your heard, I backed into another car trying to leave Wal-M*rt yesterday and I really could not take one more "issue" or I was just going to have a meltdown.) The boys have been home almost 3 months and while we are still having some issues, the tantrums tend to be smaller and last a smaller amount of time. I think the boys are really started to understand that we do love them and want what is best for them so when we say they have to do something, its really for a good reason (like wear a coat to school when its 40 degrees outside). I told Matt last night,
I think I'm really starting to bond with the boys as well because I don't mind cleaning up pee of the toilet seat as much as I used to. =) It still utterly baffles me how they don't mind destroying a bathroom, but they won't use the hand towel in there because the girls use it too. Or how they won't use the same cup as someone else, even though I've washed it. Or how they have to wash hands, arms, and face before they will touch anything to eat, but they don't use soap so really, what's the point? All in all, things are getting better though and the four children are getting along much better. Plus I think Matt and I are starting to figure out how to parent them individually and that is making us much less stressed and frustrated. (Please note, I shutter to utter the previous words because I know as soon as I do, our world will come crashing down, because, really, do parents ever really know how to parent kids?) The kids started working on Christmas lists for themselves last night so I think that helped lighten the mood as well.

Quotes of the day:

Mickey: "You mean Christmas comes after this month?!?!?" Joyous shouting erupts from all 4 children after Ababa says yes.

Essie: "When I turn 10, I want a Superman costume to wear and I want Chloe to have a Superman girl costume to wear."

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Colleen said...

I am so glad for you all. I can hardly even imagine the amount of adjustment your family has been through. You are in our prayers and, no, I don't think parents ever really figure it out...part of the joy and the mystery.