Thursday, May 30, 2013

AJ's Class Party

Its that time of year...end of the year party time at school.  Tomorrow is my kids last day of school and I got to spend some time at AJ's class party.  We have been super-blessed that AJ had Mrs. Beckley the last 2 years.  She travels to Malawi every-other summer to teach so she has a huge heart for Africa and loves are boy like crazy.  Through blood, sweat, (& my tears), she has taught our boy to read and has even asked to tutor him over the summer to get him ready for 4th grade.  As much as I fuss about my kids & school, we really could not have asked for a better teacher for AJ.  We will miss Mrs. Beckley so much, but luckily, she moved down the street from us last summer so we will still see her around.

He was not this tall when he met her 2 years ago

Self portraits with iPhone are never a good idea

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