Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Day at Big Bone Lick

We had this day marked on the calendar for a while, because it was the only weekend in the Spring where AJ did not have a soccer game scheduled, and we wanted to go hiking down in the mountains.  But this Spring has been a pain in the neck weather-wise, and of course it was cold and rainy.  So...we scrapped the plan for the mountains and headed up to Northern Kentucky (where the weather was supposed to be better), met Amy for a quick lunch at McD's while she was working, then Matt and the kids went over to Big Bone Lick State Park, a site known for its prehistoric fossils of bison, mammoths, and mastodons.

AJ and Essie check out the statue of a mastodon.

Chloe looks into the marsh pit at a mammoth statue.

Excited to see some real live bison...

...and you can almost see them out there in the field.

The trails in the park were seriously muddy and steep in places.  The kids all agreed it was a good thing Mom wasn't with us, because "she would NOT like this at all."  Nobody wiped out in the mud, which was nothing less than a small miracle.

A few moments of rest by the lake

And we found some logs to climb on!

The kids were very excited to find these robin eggs on the playground.


AJ finding it hard to use the log roll while his sisters "help".

A little swing time, then home again, a little muddy, but happy for a fun day outdoors.

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