Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chloe's Art Exhibit

One of Chloe's art pieces from school was selected for an art exhibition that featured pieces from all our county's schools.  The exhibition was last night and the kids and I enjoyed viewing all the pieces by some very talented kids. 

Chloe's is the freight train

The art teacher really liked how Chloe included a town in the background, complete with houses and a church.  She said she didn't instruct the children regarding anything for the background, which was why she was so impressed with Chloe's attention to detail.

sorry, its blurry.  I can never tell on my phone.

The picture was mounted high on the wall, so I had to hold her up to get a picture of her with her drawing.

Chloe's favorite piece made out of candy

Essie liked this ballet slipper made from sweetarts

A house made out of gum

On the way home, we spotted some of our favorite bags out by the curb of someone's house (and to the great embarrassment of AJ, I stopped and loaded them into the car.  We have apparently hit the age of being embarrassed by your crazy Mother).   Essie helped me unload them and let me tell you...2 bags of yard waste equals some very happy ducks and chickens!

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