Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Day

We woke up to a winter surprise today.  Lexington weather said they got 5 inches of snow, but I don't think we had that much, probably 3 at most.  The kids had 2 half days last week so it was really the last thing I needed as far as work, but what you gonna do?!?! (well, today that meant I had to reschedule 2 home visits and ask the 3rd family to come to my house.)  

AJ & Jamin (our neighborboy and unofficial 4th child) decided to make 2 huge soccer balls out of snow.  But in the end, they go too heavy to move them.

Hope you had a fun day too!

p.s. Its 4pm and almost all the snow has melted.  Its supposed to be 65 & sunny on Wed.  Gotta love KY weather!

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