Friday, March 2, 2012

Lego Mania

I meant to post this earlier, but alas, it didn't happen.  I've been swamped with work lately and with the weather getting warmer, the great outdoors has been calling my name more.  If you happen to be at the Jessamine County Public Library in the last month and noticed the Lego display, you were looking at the work of my dear husband.  That's right,  I have a Lego master living in my house.  He's had these creations since he was a child and stores them in protective tubs out of the reach of our children.  The library took the display down yesterday, but I still had to brag on my man.


allier said... can tell him Ian was very impressed with the display at the library. He stood there staring at it for a while. Great job!

Leveta said...

Very cool! A good suggestion for a display at our library too.