Sunday, March 4, 2012

Homesteading, Here We Come!

We added a new channel to Caesar TV last night...we got baby chicks! Caesar cannot pull himself away from watching them (as you can see from some of the pics below). I've been making preparations to add some chickens to our little homestead and I finally found a feed store that had a few of the breeds that I wanted. I was planning to get 3, but the store policy was to sell no less than 6, so what could I do??? We got 3 red pullets (could be Rhode Island Reds or Red Sex Link) and 3 Plymouth Bard Rocks. All are supposed to be females but if we happen to have one (or 2) who isn't, we'll ship him off to Grandpa Neild's farm. Our city code forbids roosters and so does my husband. =) Matt has been very supportive of my new homesteading endeavors. I guess after 10 years together, he's realized he really can't take the farm out of this farm girl. He even brought me a stack of books from the library on homesteading and raising chickens. The girls were gone to a friends house when I came home with the chicks so the video below is them looking for the surprise in Dad's office.

I heard AJ telling Caesar, "you cannot eat these chickens, Buddy, or I'll have to spank you!"

Looking down into the box I brought them home in-
the yellow ones are the Reds and the brown ones are the Barred Rocks

You know I'll keep you posted as this new endeavor unfolds.

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