Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday!

Matt turned 32 today, but we had to celebrate last night due to a crazy, busy schedule this week. Matt gets to celebrate today by attending a forum on the State insurance changes for 2012 (oh fun!) and this afternoon preparing for and then attending a board meeting. Sorry your day hasn't been much fun, Honey, but know we love you!

The Peanut Gallery always willing to help!

I bought Matt the T*ger Woods 2012 golf game for the Wii-WAY too much $$ for a video game, but he really wanted it and the poor man doesn't ask for much out of this life.

The kids got him a pack of his favorite candy bar.

Matt's parents & sister went in to buy him Wii Mario Cart, which the kids REALLY wanted, but I'm hoping will be hours of fun this winter when we are all shut indoors.

Chloe helping Dad figure out this new game.


Scott and Jennifer Schaetzle said...

Happy Birthday, Uncle Matt!! Hope it's the start of a very good year.

Love, Hunter and Shelby

The Fredericksons said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!