Friday, September 16, 2011

Everything's Changing

After Chloe saw the new grill the other night she said, "Everything's changing. We're getting all new stuff." Little did she know that another change was about to happen. We ordered a couch almost 2 months ago and after much delay, it was delivered today while the kids were at school. I think you can see from the picture below, we just about worn through the hand-me-down couch that we've had the last few years. So when we got our tax refund this year, I new couch was high on my wish list.

Yes, it's huge and its chocolate brown and it takes up a lot of space in our family room, but I don't care, I love it!

UPDATE: I had to add this picture below. Its what I found when I came downstairs for movie night. Even Caesar found his spot on the new couch and he's snoozing away right next to me now as I type.

I had to add these pictures too. Everyone keeps asking me how the kids are doing with all this transition. We had milkshakes tonight after supper to celebrate celebrate that we all love milkshakes. I found these cool glasses that I had tucked away in the cupboard because well...I only had 3 of them. Anyways, I think I got them at G**dwill years ago but I thought they were so cute that I had to post a picture of them.

I think these pictures tell you how the kids are these days. We are seeing a lot more affection from and between the kids. Don't get me wrong...they are still kids and we have our daily squabbles, but the black cloud has lifted from our house and we see many more smiles these days.


Leveta said...

That is beautiful Amy! SO happy for all of you. Our furniture is needing a change too.I bought the chairs a few years ago at a yard sale and they were worn then.

The Gutmans' said...

Amy, just want you to know that we are praying for all of you. We serve an amazing God who can bring good in any situation.

We love movie nights, we could never let our springer in the house, he's a wild man!!!

Richelle said...

I love the glasses! They remind me of the ones at Grandma's and Papa's house that we all used to fight over. ;) My parents got the kids some when they went to the Dixie Stampede a couple years ago. So cute!

Glad the smiles are becoming more abundant in your home!!

Christine said...

J O Y - what I see in these pictures and how I feel looking at these smiling faces.