Monday, July 18, 2011

Starting the Harvest

My first round of potatoes were ready to harvest so the girls helped me out with the manual labor.
Digging for "treasure"

Essie's happy dance when she found some potatoes.

Love Chloe's boots with the capris. Also note the tongue hanging out while she concentrates. My Grandpa Otto (Neild) always did this when he was concentrating. I love to point these family traits out to my kids. Though I never met my Grandpa Otto (he died before I was born), I hear he had a gentle way with children and I know he's in Heaven smiling down on my kids who have traveled many miles to join our family.

Thanks to the girls help with the potatoes and the boys help with our first few ears of sweet corn, we enjoyed a lovely meal with homegrown veggies and a store bought chicken. I'm not that ambitious yet (to grow and harvest our own chickens).

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