Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th festivities

Matt was a trooper and took the kids to the Wilmore 4th of July parade.

Our friend Lindsey from church was in the firetruck

AJ, Essie & Chloe put their tents up in the backyard and entertained themselves for an hour or so. Apparently AJ was the bad man who kept escaping jail and Essie & Chloe were the police who were tracking him down.

We ended the evening with a cookout with Grandma & Grandpa K and Aunt Buffy. We also had some small fireworks and sparklers for the kids to play with.



Mickey chasing Chloe (don't feel bad for her, she was totaling asking for it)

notice how far away I am from all the action

Chloe celebrating as only Chloe can (dancing of course)

Our grand fireworks display

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