Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ababa!

Due to scheduling conflicts, we celebrated Ababa's birthday last night. His actual birthday is today, but he was fine to celebrate early. And finally, he is as old as me. Those 3 months where I am older than him are a killer. =)

Mommy surprised Ababa big-time by getting him a Wii. He's wanted one for over a year now, but when we decided to start adoption #2, all funds were diverted to that. Thanks to a blog stalker (you know who you are) that recently sent us some money for something "fun", I was able to get the Wii. Plus Matt's family helped by buying the extras that are needed for the system.

Aunt Buffy got Matt a "Wii-ner" dog birthday card, along with a 2nd controller.

ok, this series of pictures is to show how hard it is to get all 6 people (& 1 dog) smiling at the same time. We gave up on Caesar after this shot.

Mickey and Chloe goofing around.

I couldn't resist posting this video...guess I overdid it with the candles.

After the birthday bash, Essie decided to put on a show for us. She put on a children's praise tape from Ababa's youth and did the most interesting interpretive dance to "Holy, Holy, Holy" that I am sure has ever been done.


The Waggoners said...

Hey! The Kinnell kids got a Wii for Matt's birthday! Have fun, everyone!

Corrie said...

Happy Birthday, Matt! Yes! I remembered and thought of you earlier today. :)

Richelle said...

Happy Birthday, Matt! Great family pics...lovin' the smiles! :)

Kjernalds in Sweden said...

Happy Birthday Matt. Amy, I so understand those three months. I am to the day 4 months older than Andreas and he will not let me forget that. Hope you all have fun with the Wiiiiiiiiii.