Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Amsalu visits the World Equestrian Games

Amsalu's class had a field trip to the World Equestrian Games on Monday. This is the first time the games have been held outside of Europe. The whole thing was quite impressive, even though it rained the whole time and temps did not get above 55. (not good since I got in at 11pm the night before from TX and had no clue how cold it was going to be). We didn't actually get to see a judged event, but they have exhibitions going on throughout the day. If you are in Lexington, I recommend checking it out.

Silas and Amsalu (my 2 charges for the day) in front of the Newport Aquarium's shark car.

rain wall-Amsalu was completely fascinated that they made it rain inside

Newport Aquarium exhibit

petting a shark (little tan fish, not the picture of the great white)

petting a baby alligator

Horse tattoos-too funny to watch Amsalu trying to look up to see his tatoo. I finally had to show him his reflection in the window.

My favorite horse statue-Where the Wild Things Are

Amsalu trying Dippin' Dots-invented by an Alltech engineer
The WEG are sponsored by Alltech, a local company run by an Irishman, that makes beer, horse feed, and a bunch of other things that were above my head. Amsalu didn't want to try Dippin' Dots at first as he is not a big fan of ice cream, but hunger prevailed (as it always does with him) and he seemed to enjoy them.

Horse made entirely of tiny seashells.

King horse???

Finally, a real horse-this was all Amsalu wanted to see. He kept saying, "Mom, horse!" I love the above picture because neither Amsalu nor the horse are sure about one another.

Amsalu quickly got the hang of this horse thing.

Amsalu wanted to take a picture of Mom and the horse (excuse the poncho)

a Palomino horse

Can't remember this wonderful gentleman's name, but he trains horses for movies and he put on a show for the kids (video below).

No idea who this kid is, but thought it was a good shot of Amsalu making new friends.

By noon, it began to rain in earnest so we both sought shelter under my $4 poncho (the games does not allow umbrellas). Amsalu's head is in the arm hole of the poncho.

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Scott and Jennifer Schaetzle said...

I would have totally loved this field trip (minus the rain, of course). I'm actually kind of jealous, but also glad you could go!