Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st haircut in America

Mickey decided his locks were getting too long so he asked Ababa to give him a shave. Amsalu didn't want to be left out (even though he didn't have as much hair to cut). After the boys were done, Matt decided to let Mickey give him a trim too! Free family bonding

Mickey sporting his new fauxhawk

Amsalu's turn

Chloe & Essie posing with Caesar while we wait

Ababa's turn

photo by Amsalu

photo by Essie

photo by Mickey

photo by Chloe


MaryKay said...

So that's how it's done! Isn't it nice to leave the mess outside? I just had to trim Tamirat in front of the TV so he would sit long enough.

Meredith said...

yeah, i don't think the outside thing would work for Kyle. It would be too tempting to play. He does not like getting his haircut...he usually screams the entire time. Boys in our home get home haircuts too! Gotta love the clippers~what a great investment!