Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ethiopia New Year Celebration

Saturday was Ethiopian New Year (Happy 2003!) so we had a party for local families with children from Ethiopia. The weather was beautiful and the kids enjoyed being at the park. Sorry, I didn't get any pics of my kids; they were too busy playing (and mommy was too busy talking to clients). I know some good shots were taken by others with much better cameras (Nina, help me out here!) so hopefully I can update later with those pics.

Kaiden M.

Frederickson family with Vickie K. (who decided to adopt from ET on Thursday)

Karen & Natalie B.

Kami M. (our 4th favorite Gumuz child, after our 3 of course)

Natalie & Jordan

Cindy & Kaiden M.


Wes And Nina said...

haha! I'm in the throws of editing! Haven't even gotten the pics downloaded. I don't know how many good ones I got, though. I wasn't getting a lot of cooperation. ;) I'll let you know when I download them!

Emy said...

:( So wish we could have been there! looks like you guys had a great time, and better weather too!