Thursday, May 13, 2010

Disney World: Day Three

On day 3 of our Disney Adventure we went to the Animal Kingdom Park. The girls were beginning to wear down a bit, but there were some great moments. Here are some highlights:

Entering the Kilimanjaro Safari
(We didn't get very good safari pictures, because the van does not stop. At all. For better safari pictures, see our archives for May 2007.)

The rear end of a sleeping rhinocerus




There are two lions there, I promise.


Chloe thought the fish pool smelled too much like fish.

Crocodile skull


Sleeping Gorilla

Meeting Thumper and...Mrs. Thumper?

One of the big highlights of the day - The Festival of the Lion King show

Donald Duck


Big hugs for Minnie


The girls put on a show of their own while waiting for the Finding Nemo Musical to begin. Pictures were not allowed at this event, but it was very cool - all done with puppets.

Triceratops Spin

Sitting on a dinosaur

Do you see the animal behind them?

Big croc

Big hugs for Winnie the Pooh

Posing with Mommy's favorite - Eeyore


Ballou the Bear at Mickey's Jungle Parade

Meeting Chip (or Dale?) at the parade.
(Just kidding, it's Chip. Black nose.)




One more day to go! We don't know if we'll get pictures posted before Sunday, though. Depends on internet availability.

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Cynthia said...

How awesome! Looks like you guys are having a blast! I can't wait to take all THREE of my kids there!!

Take care darling!