Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Busy Sunday

Since this post is a few days late, you can probably guess that we've had a busy week, not just a busy Sunday.
Ready for church-these dresses are 5T's which makes me very sad b/c we still have lots of 4T dresses in the closet that they have never worn. They are just getting so tall!

Essie posed all on her own-crack me up!

After church, we got ready to go to the Adoption Assistance yearly picnic. It was great to see so many of mommy's clients with their children home (even if it was blazing hot at the fairgrounds).

We decided to cool down in the pool once we got home.

So yes, Chloe is dumping water on Essie in this picture and below, Essie is pushing Chloe down in the water-typical siblings.

Caesar was hot too!

We finished the night by talking to Meemaw and Grandpa on the phone. We actually tried to Skype with them, but mommy's crappy computer would not cooperate.
I love Chloe's face in this picture-apparently I was interrupting her conversation. I swear they are 4 going on 14!


Anonymous said...

love those dresses! and posing for the camera!

Jennifer said...

00Funny, my twin girls have the same dresses in the same color! In 4t, which they are probably outgrowing, too. The girls are getting so big and are so pretty!