Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Also in the news...

We've been a busy family since coming home from Florida so wanted to update you all on our week so far.

We found out our adoption agency director is heading to Ethiopia again next week and hopes to make it out to our children's orphanage. Therefore we packed up some gift bags today to send to the boys. As our court date is only a week and a half away (31st), we are getting anxious to get the boys home. Please pray for elections in Ethiopia to run smoothly next week and that our case will be passed without hesitation. If we pass, we hope to have the boys home in mid-July.

Yesterday, the girls went with me to vote. I forgot to snap a picture inside our polling place so here are the girls outside the polling center with their "I voted" stickers. You Asbury alums will recognize the building. And just so no elections officials get nervous, the girls didn't actually vote, they just got the stickers. Election night came to an end and Ababa was excited that his candidate for the Senate won the Republican nomination. Go Rand! Also of special note in this picture is the girls new outfits from their special friend "Miss Sheri". They are so cute, I could just eat 'em up!

I went out on Monday to see how are garden fared while we were gone and was pleasantly surprised to find radishes ready to pick. Too bad I don't like radishes, but the rest of the family does, even though the girls say, "they are so spicy!"

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The Niedermeyers said...

What! You have court the same day as us??? My Obsi is from Kamashi too. Why is Sue going there...hmmm....I must find out.