Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Springtime fun

My "steal of a deal" Princess bike had some trouble with the training wheels so the girls decided to double up while mommy put new training wheels on the Princess bike.

Today, the girls called me outside to show me their "new, awesome trick". I of course had to grab the camera to document this.


Scott and Jennifer Schaetzle said...

Chloe still has the hiccups, ha-ha!

Cynthia said...

Ok now that just looks fun! Very creative girls you have there mom!

Meli n Pat said...

I'm kind-of a blog-stalker! I've been following your blog since my sister introduced it a while ago (she's awaiting referral for her little boy from ET) and I just had to say that your girls are the most beautiful! I love to see their smiles! Thank you for sharing their joy!