Friday, March 19, 2010

A bike for each of us!

Mommy found another great find at another consignment sale. While it wasn't another $5 deal, I figured I paid so little for that one, I could stretch it a bit for another one. This bike was $12, but well worth it for the girls to be able to ride together.

Essie takes the new bike for a spin.



It's always good when we end the day arm-in-arm.

So anyone that has been to our house, knows there is quite an incline to get in our driveway. I worked and worked to get the girls to keep peddling up the incline so they would not get stuck and have to have me help them up it. Chloe conquered the bump pretty quickly.

Essie took a few more tries

I don't know if you can hear what Essie says in the video below, but the visual should help you know what her issue was on this run.

Essie persevered and finally conquered the bump.
Btw-today, she was riding the entire loop like a pro.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Way to go girls!! I love the videos- I showed them to Jer and he said "Soo cute" :)

Garth said...

the Nurse and Paramedic in me is screaming one thing!!! (hint - helmets) but the Uncle in me is saying COOOOL!!!!