Friday, March 12, 2010

Adoption #2 Update

I realize we've been pretty silent lately on news about our adoption of the boys, but that's mainly because we haven't had any news. Our agency was hoping to have our 10 year olds paperwork last month (7 year olds paperwork is already done), but that didn't happen. Since I work in adoptions, I try not to bug our agency for news because I know how high maintenance some parents can be and I don't want to be a burden. I know that our agency will tell us when they have news and they are not trying to hide things from us. But I also know how excruciating the wait is, which of course, just gives me more sympathy for my clients. Anyways, we just found out the Ethiopia has decided that for cases submitted to court after April 6th, they will require the adoptive parents to travel to Ethiopia and appear in court. Now I'd love to take another trip to Ethiopia, but this would cost us at least $5,000 more than we were anticipating and we'd have to make arrangements to leave our girls behind in the States for a week. Then once we pass court, Matt would have to travel back about 2 months later to get the boys. So we are asking everyone we know to please pray that our case is submitted to court before April 6th so that we will not have to make this extra journey. There is going to be a mad rush of families trying to get submitted so please pray for our agency and their in-country workers to be able to process the paperwork as efficiently as possible. We love CCI and all their staff and know that they are truly working on behalf of these beautiful children of Ethiopia to find them forever families. In the end, its about the children and I know that pressure ways heavily on the staff of CCI so please pray for God's strength for them during this very busy time. We'll keep you posted!


Matt, Sara, Parker and Lleyton Ritzmann said...

You're not alone. We will be pulling for you to get the goods news we are anxiously waiting for too.

Have a good weekend.
The Ritzmanns

Marie said...

We'll be praying for you!!!
We know the waiting is hard (although we haven't been matched yet, so it's a different kind of waiting)!!! We will pray you can bring your boys home soon and that God will work out all the details along the way!!!