Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cousin Hunter comes to visit

I have been very delinquent in getting the pictures posted from Aunt Jen and Hunter's visit last week. The kids had a great time together and the highlight of the week was going to the Lexington Explorium on Wednesday. The kids loved the different stations and are still talking about it. We started the "kids day" at story time at our library and then went to McDon*ld's with the big indoor play area. The whole day was a surprise to the kids and everything was geared towards them (except the end of the day trip to W*l-Mart, but sometimes you just need to get a few things.)

pile-up on the slide at "Old McDonalds"

one of the few time Hunter let someone else drive the gator

Chloe's pose kills me in this one

The doctor station was the kids' favorite

Essie giving Aunt Jen a shot. Ouch!

Hunter making it all better with a band-aid

Somehow this just reminded me of a film strip from a hospital in Africa

Chloe learning about butterflies (while playing dress up)

The bubble and mirror room is always fun

Chloe's dance moves had us all cracking up

The girls showing off their BIG muscles

Chloe loved the horse area-she's a true KY girl

Essie's turn

On Thursday night, Jen and I went to our local Lil' Angels consignment sale and I found a bag of Mickey dolls that contained 2 black dolls and 1 white, male doll. The kids thought it was great that I found a Mickey doll for each of them. =)


Anonymous said...

wow, super fun visit!
some of the stations at the museum looked familar- but i don't think i've been there before, do all children's museums look the same?

Amy said...

Yes, all the children's museums have similar things. But remember the plane cockpit at the one in Binghamton? Loved that part!

Anonymous said...

yes, OK that makes sense now...