Saturday, February 6, 2010


Our Saturday night ritual is dinner, bath and hair. I'm getting much faster doing the girls hair, about 30 minutes each. Now that it is a bit longer, I can fit each head into 6 pony tails, although Essie has made it adamantly clear that she does not like the back of her hair in pony tails because it hurts to sleep on (I don't blame her). Tonight, Chloe decided to work on her dolls hair while I worked on her hair. The doll she chose is actually one of my dolls from when I was a child (yes, I had many dolls of color as a child). "Mr. Bubbles" is his name but that sounds so wrong these days. Chloe loved to have a doll with hair like hers, although she did say it was very hard to comb its curly hair (I can relate).


Jim and April said...

how adorable is that! I had those hungabunch kid dolls too! LOVED them!

♪~Jenn~♪ said...

wow...blast form the past!! I forgot all about those dolls! I remember loving them :) looks like you girls have a great bedtime ritual! I'm sure as they get older this will become a great debriefing time!