Saturday, February 13, 2010

1st Haircut

Yesterday, our neighbor Theresa came over to give the girls their first haircut. We started at 12:30pm and ended at 5:00pm. It was quite a process! The girls were troopers and are loving their "straight" hair. I can tell already it won't last long, but they love it for now. The process was pretreat, wash, dry slowly with a straightener attachment, straighten with flat iron, then cut. Oh yea, and then do it again on the other twin.

Pretreating our hair with a homemade mask of olive oil & honey

Time for Essie to get a wash

Essie not liking the straightening blow dry

Before the blow dry and after

Essie checking it out in the mirror

Time to break out the movie to help us sit still

Essie's not quite sure about this whole hair thing

Our best Mr. T impersonation

Before & after cut

Chloe's turn!

Chloe REALLY did not like having her hair dried.

Time to start cutting

Love the "I'm so ready to be done with this" look

Chloe's all done!

A few twist by mommy for Essie while we wait for Chloe

Finally all done, but had to finish our movie

Essie's twists lasted less than 2 hours and she wanted them out so her hair could be down like Chloe's.

This morning, we awoke to MAJOR bedhead


Anonymous said...

they look so grown up already!! i love all the pictures- their faces are hilarious in some of those!! how do you style it now? or did they go to church lookin like the last pic?

The Niedermeyers said...

Good job with the pics! They are so very cute!!

Jeff and Leslie said...

Wow, they look like young women with the new hairdos. Very cute!