Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Castles in the floor

You'll notice the girls hair is no longer "straight". The back of their hair started curling back up after one day so by Tuesday, I gave it a moisturizing mask and then a good wash. I think all the treatment from Friday really dried it out because they were both complaining about how itchy it was. The girls were a little sad to have "frizzy" hair again, but we bought some new headbands yesterday which helped them be excited again. Their hair does look shorter now, but also much healthier.

Chloe & Essie

The girls were very proud of themselves today for building a castle like the one on the bag that their foam building blocks came in. Mom was very proud for them for learning how to see something and then copy it. This is a recent skill.


Anonymous said...

I love that 1st pic in the wife beaters and adorable!
(ok, maybe it's undershirts and hankerchiefs at that age...)
:) kel

♪~Jenn~♪ said...

I love that first pic especially...soooo cute!

Journey To Our China Doll said...

Your girls have the MOST beautiful smiles!!! Love checkin in on the Kinnells!!! :)