Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a quiet Saturday at home

Today has been just a quiet Saturday at home. Ababa's been hard at work writing the Christmas program for our Church as well as preparing songs that he will sing at his parent's church tomorrow. Mommy bathed the dog, scrubbed down the bathroom and has been washing load upon load of laundry. The most exciting part of the day for mommy so far has been running the first load in her new dishwasher. That's right, the new dishwasher is here! Yeah! The girls have been entertaining themselves very well today while they wait for the highlight of their day-going trick-or-treating. Just wait til you see their costumes!

The girls coloring while Ababa works

The new dishwasher!
First load & guess what? Every dish came clean.
That's a first in the 1 1/2 yrs. we've lived in this house.

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Anonymous said...

yeah! did you remember to run hot water in the kitchen sink when you start dishwasher? (then when dishwasher steals water pressure, shut off sink :) always helps!