Friday, October 16, 2009

Future UK Cheerleaders?

For those of you not in Kentucky, tonight was Big Blue Madness (ie-the introduction to the UK basketball season). If you are not from KY, you have no idea how obsessed Kentuckians are with UK basketball. Yes, they are worse than Hoosiers and since I've lived in both states, I can attest to this. So Ababa was so excited to introduce his girls to UK hoops and Coach Cal. Mommy helped by breaking out the UK cheerleading outfits and the girls were thrilled to show their moves to the background music. Note to our grandparents and parents-we have no idea where the girls have learned these moves. You know Matt & I have no dancing skills whatsoever.

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Emy said...

These videos are adorable! I love the unison twirl in the first one!!! It was so great to meet you last weekend. Sorry if we surprised you. :o)