Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The firetruck comes to story time

Ok, ya'll know how much I love story time at our local library, well today was a special treat because the local fire department came to talk to the kids about fire safety. Essie was very into it. Chloe has been experiencing anxiety lately with large crowds so she mostly hung with mom. The whole experience open a lot of conversation though about what a fireman is and what they do, which is good. Honestly, its not a conversation we've had yet. There have been so many new things in the last 7 months, talking about what to do if we have a fire in the house has not even crossed my mind. My parents were volunteer firefighters for years, so I should know better, but thanks to our local library we have had another important conversation about safety. I did have to smile to myself while I was watching the girls try to figure out what this man below was doing in his funny jacket and pants. Just to think, a year ago the girls were running around their rural village in Ethiopia without even knowing what a house was, let alone what to do if it catches on fire.

Essie getting up close and personal with the fireman.

Chloe getting to look inside the firetruck.

Essie & Chloe with one of the firemen

The best part of story time-seeing Ababa

Essie with Sparky, the fire dog

Chloe & Sparky

Essie at home, showing off her fire hat and Jr. firefighter badge
p.s. Chloe is not looking very happy b/c she'd just taken a tumble down the stairs. Mommy was just proud of her for catching herself after 3 steps, instead of falling down them all, which has happened before.

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